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RWTH Aachen

The Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments provided a huge boost to the targeted development of RWTH Aachen by providing € 180 million of funding in the first approval phase. The institutional strategy on which the successful Excellence Initiative application was based has, in the meantime, been expanded to form a long-term strategy to strengthen all the areas of the University and enhance their profiles. In the process it has gained great momentum, which can be seen, among other things, in the extensive building activities.

Visible evidence of this is the RWTH Aachen Campus that is being developed in close cooperation with industry and which is to form one of the largest research parks in Europe. Students and employees of RWTH Aachen will benefit equally from these developments and are expressly invited to get involved in shaping the individual initiatives.


IME, the Institute for Process Metallurgy and Metal Recycling, has its expertise in the field of process metallurgy and metal recycling, and therefore incorporates a large number of metals and extends to the full broadness of engineering subjects based on wet-chemical and high temperature-chemistry. For fifteen years, research in Battery Recycling Technologies has been conducted and have given IME an expertise to cope with different research questions, methodical procedures and aims. Besides, research at IME in the field of battery recycling also considers the environmental impact of the extraction, treatment and processing of critical raw materials for LIB.


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