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ENEA is a governmental and scientific/technological organization, which run research activities and provides agency services for supporting public administrations, public and private enterprises, and citizens. ENEA is the second major Italian research organization with more than 2,600 staff employers, mainly researchers and technicians. The ENEA structure is divided into 14 research centres/laboratories and 19 regional offices, and a Liason Office is active in Brussels for relations with Community institutions/programs. ENEA’s knowledge base and results are made available to enterprises, particularly small/medium-sized, PA and citizens, through services, processes and products, training activities, information, transfer of know-how. ENEA gets a wide, internationally recognized experience in conducting advanced programs and implementing projects in the fields of research and innovation for the sustainable development and environment safeguard.


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Edel Kavanagh

R&I Days 22-24 Sept 20

REGISTER NOW! This is a completely free, virtual event, open to graduate students, post-docs, and young researchers. For more info, to view the programme and

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