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Solvionic is a SME specialized in the design, synthesis, production and commercialization of Ionic Liquids (ILs) from lab scale to industrial scale. The main market of Solvionic is that of electrochemical devices, and particularly, electrochemical energy storage systems of new generation. Solvionic have a catalogue of around 200 different references, including ILs, metal salts and electrolyte formulations made of the combination of those specific products, but also with common organic solvents (carbonates). Our production facilities and strategy allows fast and reliable scale-up of our products, to commit with industrial needs. Our quality control procedures that were specifically developed for ILs products since 2003 is one of Solvionic key know-how that allows the commercialisation of the highest purity standard of the market. Solvionic is also expert in the research and development of new materials and processes based on the use of ILs. Their main R&D activity is devoted to the development of the next generation electrochemical energy storage systems based on the use of ILs (Next generation Li-ion and other metal-ion batteries, supercapacitors, etc.). Solvionic’s production processes result from 15 years of experience and allow us to offer high purity products, which is important to meet the requirements of battery devices. Around 80% of their sales are in the market of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems and other Electrochemical Devices. Solvionic’s product portfolio is composed of ILs, but also electrolyte formulations as well as Lithium and other metal salts for several types of batteries, including next generation Li-ion batteries.


Latest News

First Si-DRIVE paper published

Latest Si-DRIVE paper out in NanoLetters shows high performance a-Si on CuSi nanowire hosts! You can access it here: Copper Silicide Nanowires as Hosts for Amorphous

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Website deliverable report

This public deliverable describes the project’s website and how it was put together. You can access it here: Si-DRIVE website deliverable report

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Si-DRIVE kick off meeting

On March 21/22, the Si-DRIVE consortium meet for the first time since the initiation of the project on January 1. Partners travelled from all over

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