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EMPA is a materials science and technology research institution. It belongs to the ETH domain and as such is an important element in education, science and innovation in Switzerland. Empa conducts cutting-edge materials and technology research, generating interdisciplinary solutions to help overcome major challenges faced by industry, and creates the necessary scientific basis to ensure that our society develops in a sustainable manner.


Within Empa the Technology & Society Laboratory (TSL) creates knowledge that supports industry in developing technologies that are beneficial and acceptable for society. It helps to minimize the risks of new technologies and contributes to sustainability by giving early warnings of critical developments in technology applications. Applied tools and instruments are e.g. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Impact Assessment Modelling, Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment Modelling, or Sustainable Innovation. EMPA is since more than 30 years internationally recognized for its expertise in the development of the LCA methodology and is one of the founding members of the ecoinvent Centre, delivering one of the most important, international databases with life cycle inventory (LCI) data, the ecoinvent database.


Latest News

First Si-DRIVE paper published

Latest Si-DRIVE paper out in NanoLetters shows high performance a-Si on CuSi nanowire hosts! You can access it here: Copper Silicide Nanowires as Hosts for Amorphous

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Website deliverable report

This public deliverable describes the project’s website and how it was put together. You can access it here: Si-DRIVE website deliverable report

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Si-DRIVE kick off meeting

On March 21/22, the Si-DRIVE consortium meet for the first time since the initiation of the project on January 1. Partners travelled from all over

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